On the Table– Sunday, August 28

Our apologies for the late notice of this notice, but our Sunday plans weren’t settled until just last night.  It’s a regular Barn-Raising, where we gather around a need in our community.  And for this particular project, the amazing Emmaline has been pulling together the details as she goes.  So we can now confirm that, yes, her team of packers have assembled everything, and yes, there will be a truck onsite.  If you want to help her move from Fairfax Station to Woodbridge, we will be loading up the truck at 1pm.  If you need addresses and other essential information, text Emmaline directly at 828-246-3302.

If you can’t make it, no worries.  Enjoy this day and the break from our regularly scheduled gatherings! Sometimes a Sabbath is just a Sabbath…

–Mike Stavlund